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Andrew Yu

Appointed CEO on 16 October 2019.  Andrew joined COFCO in 1988 and has worked for several COFCO companies within China and abroad. In 2005 he joined COFCO Sugar managing the tomato paste business. This business was at one time the largest in the world and Andrew represented the Chinese industry at the World Processing Tomato Council, including as Chairman.  Most recently Andrew led COFCO Sugar's Quality and Safety function across all sugar mills.


Nathan Holmes

Appointed Commercial Manager in June 2017 and Company Secretary in July 2017, having started with Tully Sugar as Assistant Commercial Manager in June 2016.  Nathan holds a Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons. 1) from the University of Queensland.  His previous experience includes over 20 years in agribusiness management and agricultural commodity trading.


John Edwards

Appointed Chief Operating Officer from July 2018. John commenced working for our Company in 1984.  After spending 12 years as an Instrument Technician, he was promoted in 1999 to Shift Chemist, then in 2011 to Senior Production Chemist, most recently holding the position of Production Manager since 2014.  He holds a Diploma of Management.


Brendan Slattery

Appointed Chief Technical Officer from July 2018. Brendan commenced working for our Company in March 2017 as Assistant Electrical Engineering Manager. His previous experience included over 5 years as Chief Engineer of a sugar mill and over 18 years industry experience. He holds an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering and is Dual Trade qualified in Electrical/Instrumentation.


Helen Kelly

Appointed Human Resources Manager from 5 August 2019, her previous experience includes management positions in education, aviation (Cobham Aviation, Perth 4 yrs) and manufacturing industries (Innova, NZ 8 years) with over 15 years of human resources experience. These roles covered the full range of HR activities including policy development, designing and delivering training to supervisors and managers, recruitment, discipline and performance management, IR/EBA and re-balancing an aging workforce. She holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management and a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Ian Speziali

Electrical Engineering Manager since August 2016, Ian holds an Associate Degree of Electrical Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Management from Central Queensland University. Ian is also a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia. He was originally employed at Tully Sugar in March 2004 as an Electrical / Instrumentation and Controls Technician. In 2013, he was appointed to the roll of Electrical Engineer and then Assistant Electrical Engineering Manager in 2015.


Tom Peatey

Appointed Cane Supply and Transport Manager in May 2015.  Tom joined Tully Sugar Limited in 2011 as Logistics Co-ordinator.

Tom holds a Certificate in Sugar Chemistry, Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Technology Management.  Tom is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia.  Tom's career has been in the Sugar Industry gaining experience in Sugar Production, Cane Railway Logistics, Civil Operations, Technical Field Research and Growers Extension. 


Les Lee

Manager of Civil Works since July 2012 having been employed with our Company since April 1996 as Assistant Cane Railway Officer and then Cane Railway Officer.  He has a background in railway construction and maintenance with Queensland Rail.


Greg Shannon

Greg joined Tully Sugar Limited in 2012 after 15 years as an Extension-Agronomist with BSES based in North Queensland.  Greg's role is to assist Tully growers in all areas of Sugar Cane Production, from agronomic and farm planning assistance, with the objective of improving productivity in the Tully region.

Greg also provides a link to RD&E efforts for the Tully sugar industry.